How I Made $1000 Online


If you are like me you are always up for a little extra cash from things you do everyday. I have made close to $1k by just shopping online.  How? Sure that contradicts itself, I spend money to make money, but what if I said you are already spending money why not get cash back in your wallet? It is easy……use my link to earn FREE $10 (cash not points) just for signing up. Next, log into your Ebates account anytime you are shopping online, search the company/store/online site you want to shop and bam, if you now buy anything during that online visit you will get anywhere from 1-25% cash back! You can even download the Ebates app on your iPhone.  Just open the Ebates app, search the store, it will direct you to that stores website and shop like normal.

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Just think of all the things we spend money on and how it would be nice to get cash back to spend towards travel and other things we enjoy. No, you don’t just have to shop for clothing online. Think big ticket items you spend hundreds of dollars on? Think Target, Amazon, Walmart, tires, appliances, furniture, etc. For example, when filing our taxes, I got 25% cash back just by clicking Ebates before heading to I was going to have to pay E-file a fee to file my taxes anyways but I got 25% of that fee back just from being apart of Ebates! (I think it was close to $50 cash back) Another example, my husband needed new tires for his car.  Tires are expensive, so after he searched around online for the best deal, we plugged that company into Ebates and sure enough, cash back by using Ebates!! There are so many companies that are on Ebates. All those purchases you make on Amazon, yep cash back! (however, Amazon only gives back for certain categories) We bought our daughters crib online from Target, cash back! Do you see how easy it was for me to make that money from just shopping online on my phone? Ebates also likes to run double cash-back days which is even more money back in your pocket! If the store is usually only 10% cash back on Ebates, it would be 20% cash back on those double days! Again, get that FREE $10 back just by clicking here and start getting even more money back in your pocket!

Ebates also has select stores that will give you cash back from shopping in-stores too!

Remember you have to go to Ebates every time you shop FIRST, then search the store you wish to shop, now you will get cash back. You can’t go straight to the stores website, you need to go to Ebates first. Did I also mention Ebates lists coupons and free shipping deals for companies too? Go sign up so you can start making money online now.

**This is not a sponsored post, these are all my own opinions and experiences.


Best of luck also bring in that $$$$ just from shopping online for your everyday purchases!










Shop Small Saturday!

Shop Small Saturday

Today is a great way to support your local community. It is Shop Small Saturday, the last Saturday of November set aside to shop local.  This time of year we are scrambling to get gifts for our loved ones. Sometimes we get caught up in shopping our big box stores we forget about our small businesses right here in our community.  Do some shopping today at some of your small businesses. Below, I have included some of my favorite local businesses around Indianapolis as well as other small businesses in the US. Here in Indianapolis many stores are planning on extra sales, coupons and even giveaways for shopping small. Aside from this date, enjoy the many benefits of shopping your small businesses and local shops. Most of these local businesses are more personable and offer a great shopping experience.  These businesses also put more money back into our community right here at home than your big box stores. Shopping small is near and dear to my heart, my parents are small business owners and I too aspire to have a small business in the future. Remember this is not only retail shops, it can be anything from a local market, toy store, salon, restaurant, laundry mat, coffee shop, gym, furniture store, media company, and the list goes on. Support those friends and family members close to you that own a small business, shop small!

Grab your friends and head over to some of my local favorites here in the city!

-Boomerang BTQ   (Mass Ave)

-Silver In The City  (Mass Ave)

-The Flying Cupcake  (5 locations around Indy/surrounding areas)

-Global Gifts  (Fair trade store, Mass Ave)

-Crimson Tate (Modern fabrics, Mass Ave)

US Small Businesses to check out:

-Closet Space  (online/mobile boutique in Washington state)

-Etsy  (a lot of small businesses and products)

-Mindy Mae’s Market (online boutique)

-Little Miss Dessa  (handmade children’s brand)

-T and J Designs (accessory and clothing brand)

-The Shine Project (American youth that hand make products and profits go to their education, AWESOME!)

These should be a few small businesses to keep you busy!  Happy Shop Small Saturday!  Enjoy your weekend with your friends and family.

Happy Saturday,