3 Ways to Wear Denim with a T-shirt

Are you like me and live in denim? Do you sometimes feel like your outfit is just a plain t-shirt and denim look? Today I share my current favorite denim looks with just a bit more to the look.  These looks are easy since it is just denim + a t-shirt, with a few added items to make them look more put together.

The first look is my overalls and navy striped t-shirt with a pair of converse.  It took me sometime to commit to these overalls, but if you follow me on Instagram you know I have been living in these overalls.  I highly recommend everyone to try a pair, these are on sale for $35 right now at the Gap. I thought I would dislike them for my body type but actually love them!  This look is easy to create with any t-shirt you already have and a low sneaker we know you already have in your wardrobe.  Lastly, I paired my look with my current favorite backpack as a final touch.  You could also pair a crossbody bag if you are not a back pack person. And that is look one!

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Overalls: Gap Here (currently 50% off) ||  T-shirt: Gap Here (currently 50% off)  ||  Converse: Nordstrom Here  ||  Handbag: 7th & Park Boutique-sold out, similar here


Look Two:

For our second  denim and t-shirt look you might have everything you need in your closet.  These days I need my denim to not be too skinny so I have a pair of girlfriend jeans I got for under $30 recently from Banana Republic Factory.  I just had a baby and needed a more relaxed fit, so these work perfect. Next, I paired a olive t-shirt from last season, tucked it in and topped with a short sleeve oversized sweater. My shoes and necklace were also very old pieces I already owned.  Sometimes, if you dig deep in your closet you can pair ‘old’ pieces that now seem new for a refreshed look.  Kind of makes you feel like you bought a new outfit! This might be my new favorite momiform.

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Denim: Banana Republic Factory here (currently $35, I had an extra coupon) ||

Top: Similar  ||  Cardigan: Similar    ||  Sandals: Old Navy here


The Third Look:

My third look is basic with a few extra accessories to make it more than just  denim and a t-shirt.  My go to cognac back pack and sandals were just the right accessories with this navy t-shirt.  Navy is becoming a favorite color of mine not only in my wardrobe but also home decor. And before I side track to home decor….. This denim is the same girlfriend denim I wore in look two but with a navy crew neck t-shirt I found at J.Crew recently.  Now that neck scarf? (And yes, I got it for $3 in the dollar spot at Target, winning) And this is why I always check the dollar spot when I am at Target. You never know what hidden gem you will find. 🙂 (I also buy $1 cards for birthdays and such in the dollar spot..but that is for another day, another post) I think this neck scarf look is a your on board with it or your not, and I am for sure. You can tie it tighter around your neck or more loose like I have done so here.  I have this neck scarf and a classic red one that I got last year.  You will be seeing more of this neck scarf look from me for sure.  If you are not wanting it around your neck, you can try adding it to the handle of your handbag or strap of your crossbody bag. They are very light weight but I know some people do not like things up around their necks.

What if I told you this third and final denim and t-shirt look only cost me a total of $65! All items (aside from the back pack) only cost me $65 bucks total.  That is pretty good since the denim, t-shirt and sandals are staples in my wardrobe right now.  These items get a lot of use and can be mixed with so many pieces. I am all about items that can be mixed so many ways and worn with many different looks.

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Denim: Banana Republic Factory here ||  T-shirt: J.Crew  here  ||  Sandals: Old Navy here  ||  Back pack: 7th & Park Boutique–sold out, similar  || Neck Scarf: Target (dollar spot in-store)  I like this one


Hope these 3 ways to wear denim and t-shirts give you a few ideas of how to mix items you have in your wardrobe.  What ways do you like to wear your denim and t-shirts to give it a put together look? I would love to see how you style your looks. 🙂

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Beckett’s Nursery

Well, I know it has been sometime since I have posted here.  Since my last post, we added a new addition to our family! Our baby girl, Beckett Vivian Bryant made her debut March 16th and we are all adjusting to our new normal around here.  I have yet to decide if I will share her birth story here, but boy-oh-boy is it a good story. 🙂  For now, I wanted to share her nursery that was finished before she arrived, I just never blogged about it here on my piece of the web.

If you know me, I do not like tons of pink but I wanted her nursery to still be simple and a touch of girly.  For her paint color, we painted two walls a Dusty Rose which is exactly just the color I was going for in her room. I really love the color in person. Two other key factors I kept in mind, keeping it simple and budget friendly.




Before Beckett was born, this room was my all white office with old carpet.  It was very boring. We had decided to put laminate flooring in our whole upstairs so this was the perfect time.  My husband worked his tail off to get it all done before she arrived.  Once the flooring was finished and the walls were painted, we assembled her crib, dresser and chair. I only added a few decor items for now.  I did one DIY project, the greenery loop above her crib. It was a very easy DIY anyone can do.


Of course, big sister Lilly had to make an appearance. 🙂  She loves sitting in that chair and looking out the window. Even though Beckett does not get much use of her room now, here soon she will be in there full time and we cannot wait to watch her grow in her own space. She also has a crate of books ready to be read to her while rocking in her chair. Can you tell I am excited?


||  Rug: RugsUSA  ||   Rocking Chair: Amazon  ||  Crib & Shelves: Target  ||  Side Table, Dresser and Curtains: IKEA  ||  Stool & Greenery: HobbyLobby  ||  Throw Blanket: TJMaxx  ||

Thanks for stopping by to check out baby Beckett’s nursery. Now that we have a schedule around here, I plan to get more posts up before my maternity leave ends in 7 weeks.



New York City


Hello! It is me again bringing more content to my little place on the web. You all know I have a love for travel and I love sharing how we are able to make traveling fit in our budget.  We went on two ‘big trips’ this year and I will share how we made that happen.  We went to Hawaii in May (which I still need to get a post together) and then we went to NYC in November. I am not a pro traveler, but I like to share what worked for us and maybe the same options can help you while visiting NYC.

When we booked the NYC trip, we had just returned from Hawaii and did not know we were expecting our first child yet.  Fast forward from the end of May to November and this momma turned our fall NYC trip into a baby moon/celebrate my Husbands 35th birthday.  I was 23 weeks pregnant at the time of our trip. We did a lot of the standard tourist things everyone should experience when visiting NYC.  Plus ate lots of good food.  I have been many times to the big apple, my husband had only been for business with not much time to explore.

When we booked this trip, it was partial because it had been on our list of places to go, but we just hadn’t made it out to New York. I thought it would be a great trip for the Fall and Southwest Airlines was having a big sale on airfare which I had points! I was able to get both my husband and I’s airfare ‘free’ roundtrip.  I had enough Southwest points to cover both our roundtrip tickets. I use my Southwest credit card to make a lot of large purchases then turn around to pay it and in return I get a lot of points toward free flights.  Those free flights or legs of flights help with the travel cost that go into a trip.  Another way we save on our travel budget is hotel points.  My husband’s previous job in sales required a lot of overnight travel and he was able to rack up a lot of Hilton points when traveling for business.  We then use those points for free night stays while we travel. Score!  (we did this for half our Hawaii stay as well, more on that in another post) For our NYC trip, our cost consisted of food, transportation in the city and activities while visiting. Keep reading to see other ways we  saved during our trip.

My map of places to go:



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The many times I have been to NYC, I hadn’t walked the Brooklyn Bridge. So when we planned our trip, it was one of the things to check off the list. We walked the Brooklyn bridge and then came back on the Manhattan Bridge.  After walking the bridges, we checked out Chinatown and hubs got his favorite, Pho.

Central Park

Another stop we made was Central Park.  The park is beautiful during the Fall. It is huge but we ended up walking quite a few miles all over the park.  We visited the second week of November so it was chilly but not extremely cold yet.

Times Square

We made our way through Time Square both during the day and once at night.  My husband had not seen Time Square in person and his first thought “it looks so much bigger on TV”.  I had been many many times before so it was just how I remembered. The entire trip, we took the subway and walked ALOT.  We never took one Uber or Taxi. Riding the Subway can save you a lot on transportation costs. We each bought a card and loaded money as needed. It is a bit intimidating if you are from a city like us that does not have a subway system, but it is well worth the savings on your legs and wallet.

Grand Central Station & Bryant Park

Grand Central is just interesting to see all the people on their own schedule trying to get to the many destinations.  The building itself is also gorgeous. It was a first destination for us both.  We also made our way to Bryant Park.  It had really cool pop up shops with handmade items in the park for the holidays along with the ice skating rink.  Ice skating in NYC is on my bucket list but I had to pass this time around since I was pregnant during our visit.

High Line // MOMA NYC  //  9/11 Museum-Memorial //  Chelsea Market

Above are a few pictures from some stops we made around the city.  On our way back to the hotel from Central Park, we stopped to see St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  The architecture is gorgeous to say the least.  I also scheduled our time at the MoMa museum on Friday evening on purpose because they have free admission from 6-8pm. Just an fyi if you are visiting and have the museum on your list of must see.

We also headed over to the Chelsea Market which I did not photograph, but I did get this photograph of our walk to the market.  is that brownstone ready for me to move in? 🙂 After the market we headed to the High Line since it is very close.  This was a neat park/ walking path to check out, beautiful views of the city. We did wait until our last day to head over and see the 9/11 museum/memorial.  If you have not been, I strongly recommend you have this on your list when visiting. The feelings and emotions while visiting brought back my memory as a 14 year old teenager trying to understand such a tragedy.

Sure, this is ‘most’ of what we did, however, there are many things in between that photos did not capture.  All those NY pizza slices. 🙂 It was a fun trip for my husband and I, we really enjoyed exploring NYC together.  We did fly in and out of Newark NJ meaning we had to get from the airport to Manhattan. I did research before we left to see what would be the cheapest and least amount sitting in traffic. Once getting off the plane, we headed to the Air Tran at the airport, then got off to catch the NJ Transit train to the city.  We paid for our tickets before we got onto the Air Tran which you need for the NJ Transit train all the way into Manhattan.  We paid $11.55 per adult to get us from Newark to Penn Station.  That  means for my husband and I it was $23.10 one way.  I looked into Uber, Taxi’s and the bus system.  The cons to those options, you sit in the traffic and/or pay at least double the price.  Taking the train was simple and fun, plus who doesn’t like it also being cheaper. Once it was time to leave the city and head to the airport, we did the same thing in reverse. 🙂

NYC you were so much fun.  I did take some video as well, I am not sure if I will make a post with that footage yet.  You could spend a week plus exploring the city.  Our trip was 5 days total including flights.  Definitely bring comfortable shoes if you plan to knock a lot off of your bucket list. If you are planning your first trip or fiftieth trip, I hope you have fun.

Until next time NYC……….