DIY Gold Dipped Stool

DIY Gold Dipped StoolMy gold obsession expands in my office with this DIY white and gold stool project I recently completed. This stool was a light birch wood color for many years. It has been a handy stool, table, stepping stool and hoarder of random things piled on top during its life at my home.  I wanted to give my multi-purpose stool a facelift with a nice paint job. As the ideas started rolling, the one that stuck in my head the most was GOLD being on this stool somewhere.  I gathered my supplies and went to work. It was as easy as one, two, three.

Sorry for the lack of how-to pictures, I did not get any photos before or during the process. I did find a Google image of what the stool originally looked like, it is at the bottom of the post.

Later, I might also add some design to the top of the seat, but for now I am loving this little number as a new-ish addition to my office. Are you a fan of all things gold? I love turning pre-owned things into NEW again things!

DIY Gold Dipped Stool

DIY Gold Dipped Stool


Supplies Needed:

  • Hand sander (or sand paper if you do not have a hand sander)
  • Stool (mine was $20 at Target a few years ago, try IKEA’S cute option here)
  • White spray paint (prime + paint is best option)
  • Matte Gold or Gold Metallic spray paint (depends on what you are wanting)
  • Ruler
  • Blue painters tape

DIY Gold Dipped Stool



  1. Make sure to wipe down your stool of any resadue that may be on your stool.
  2. Sand your stool. Do not over sand as you will start chipping away the wood. Sand just enough to remove any varnish or finishes that were applied to the stool. Make sure to wipe down your stool after sanding to clear of any loose dust, you want a clean surface to paint.
  3.  Next, take your Primer + Paint spray paint in white and coat the entire stool. Be sure to use a well ventilated room or go outside to use the spray paint. You may need a few coats to get an even white finish over the entire stool. Wait for this to dry before moving to step 4.
  4. Once the stool is completely dry, use your ruler and blue painters tape to measure the area you would like to be gold. From the bottom of the leg I measured 4 1/2 inches and taped up the leg going towards the seat. You want to protect the white area that is majority of the way up the legs.
  5. Once you have taped off the upper portion of your stool legs, spray the bottom leg area with your gold spray paint.
  6. Enjoy your Gold Dipped Stool!
    DIY Gold Dipped Stool

DIY Gold Dipped Stool

*Photo courtesy of Google images


Easy as pie! I just might add more DIY gold dipped pieces around my office and house.  When I have the chance to be creative in any shape or form I am all for it. What are some of your recent DIY projects?

Happy Halloween,


DIY Burlap Placemats With Words


Another DIY for your home. I tried this out a few weeks ago. This is a fairly simple project as I try to keep all my DIY’s easy for anyone to tackle. Lets see what supplies you will need.


-1 1/4 yard of Burlap fabric  (Joanns, will make about four placemats)


-Black fabric paint

-Foam brush

-Stencil letters or Critcut Machine

-Yard stick

-Fray Block (Joanns, ‘Tailor Fray Block’ its in a purple tube by the sewing supplies/buttons)

-safety pins or fabric pins

-cardboard (for underneath your project to keep paint off your surface)

After you have gathered all your supplies, you can wash your burlap (here) to be a little more soft and get rid of any loose fabric. I used this same tutorial she posted to wash, dry and iron my burlap. Let me say it sounds scary since, yes, burlap shreds away easily, but its not all that scary.  My husband did freak out a little when he saw it in the washing machine, but it came out just fine. Once you have wash, dried and ironed your burlap you can proceed with the following steps.

1. Cut your burlap to the desired size. Do not forget to cut the burlap the correct way. Measure the size of placemat you want with your yard stick. Simply pull out a thread of burlap, you can see by the tip of my scissors where I pulled it out. Then cut along that line. This will help keep your burlap cuts very even and not zig-zagged.

burlap placemats

2. I only made 4 placemats, you can make any number you would like. (you may need more burlap) You will get your ‘fray block’ and follow the directions on the tube. This product helps prevent the edges of your placemats from fraying. Once you have let this dry a few minutes, you will stencil your words. I chose EAT, DRINK, CHOW AND YUM. You can chose other words or use mine on your placemats.

burlap placemats

burlap placemats

3. Get your paint and foam brush ready. I put the words in the lower right corner of each placemat. In this case, I did the words backwards so I did not go over the wet paint. Example, when I used the stencil and paint for the word YUM, I did the M first. After the M, I moved slightly to the left and did the U and so on. Gently dab the paint onto the burlap. I pre-cut my letters on the Critcut, but you can also use store bought stencil letters. Be sure to pin down the letters so they do not move while you are painting that letter.

burlap placemats

burlap placemats

4. Once you have painted all your words onto your placemats, you are done! Put them on your table and admire your awesome job!

burlap placemats

burlap placemats

burlap placemats

I am planning on putting these on our new farmhouse table. My to do list of DIY projects continues and first on the list is to make our new table. Keep a look out for that DIY project in the future.

Happy Place-matting!


DIY Polka Dot Pumpkin

It is officially the first day of FALL! I am ecstatic, who is with me? Fall is by far my most favorite season.


DIY polka dot

What better way to start off the first day of the Fall season then with a Fall DIY! I made this glitter polka dot pumpkin for my Lilly girl. Lilly is our Havanese puppy and her full name is Lilly Polka Dot Bryant. Of course, this polkadot pumpkin suits her well for this Fall season. This is an easy DIY project anyone can tackle, I promise. I know, I know, I say that for all my DIY projects. Honestly, gather up your supplies and give it a shot. It is only 5 steps!

Here is what you will need:

-Mod Podge

-One faux pumpkin your color of choice (I got mine 50% off at Joanns for $5)

-glitter  (Hobby Lobby for $2/$3)

-skinny paint brush  (not fancy, can be from your child’s art box)

-one foam brush

-one can of clear spray (Home Depot $4 by the spray paint)

*I also added one of my handmade chalkboard signs, you can make this or just have the pumpkin.

DIY polka dot pumpkin

1. With your skinny paint brush and mod podge, create whatever size glue circles you desire. I alternated small and medium glue circles. Also, only do a few at a time so your glue does not dry. I did three glue circles and moved to step 2.

2. Sprinkle each circle with good amount of glitter. Slowly turn the pumpkin upside down to get rid of any loose glitter onto your work surface. You can clean up later.

3. Proceed with steps one and two until you have the amount of polka dots you desire on your pumpkin. Be sure to cover the entire pumpkin evenly.

4. Use your foam brush to brush off any loose glitter that is randomly on the pumpkin. Then use the foam brush to gather the excess glitter on your workstation for an easy clean up.

5. Take the polka dot pumpkin outside away from other objects to spray on a clear coat of your spray. It will help place the glitter and keep it from falling off.  Another alternative to the clear spray is test out hairspray on a small portion of the pumpkin. I have used hairspray on other projects and it works just as well to set the glitter into place. However, it might leave the pumpkin sticky.

DIY polka dot pumpkin

And your done! See I told you it was an easy DIY Fall project.

DIY polka dot

DIY polka dot pumpkin

Happy Fall Y’all,