About Me

Hello All! Welcome to My Brunette Adventure.  Im Jessica, I will share many of life’s adventures from Fashion, Travel, DIY, Home Decor, Recipes and more. I love sharing ideas and helpful hints to help you become more creative in your daily life.

I am a brunette, hints the blog title, loving the creative things in life. I currently call Indianapolis home with my husband Jimmy, our newest addition, our daughter Beckett, and our Havanese puppy Lilly. By day, I work full-time in the corporate world and by night I blog here on My Brunette Adventure. In June of 2015, I also opened 7th & Park, an online boutique. It happens to be a day, night and everywhere in between job that I absolutely love. Go check it out at 7thandPark.com . Enjoying the beauty this world has to offer is one of my favorite aspects of life.  Come along on my adventure and thank you for visiting!

Lets be honest, when clicking to the ‘About Me’ page you want to know a few fun facts about me. Here they are: 

* I love sleeping in/napping (not much of that with a newborn)

* I hate cooking but enjoy baking

* I was born in Hawaii (went back for the first time in May 2017 for my 30th Birthday)

* I have always wanted to own my own boutique(as of June 2015, I do!)

* I love DIY projects

* I consider shopping a hobby and a sport 🙂

* I love honest and loyal people

* I am an over-thinker most of the time

* I want to travel the world; by sea, car, train, and plane

*photography is a constant art I continue to practice

* Being creative is my way of life

View More: http://micalamcclain.pass.us/bryant

 Feel free to email me with questions.


Much Love,



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