Our Brunette Adventure….

Well you know how I said I would be more with it in 2018 over here on my little piece of the inter webs?….it has been 3 months since my last post. About time I showed up and gave an update on our little family.

Beckett is 6 months old. (Almost 7 months) can you believe that!?Time is flying by…… Beckett and Lilly are becoming the best of friends. Beckett wants to know where Lilly is at all times and giggles all thing puppy related.

In other news, Jimmy and I are celebrating 5 years of marriage tomorrow. So many memories we have been created these past five years. We have gone through some major milestones and some major ups/downs. My partner, travel counterpart, shoulder to cry on, always there cheering me on. No one else I’d rather do life with. Cheers to many many more.

Hopefully I don’t wait another 3 months to post again.


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