Stripes + Pink Workwear

Hello and Happy Friday! It has been over six months since my last post here on the blog, but I’m  back and with a workwear look thats easy to create. Can you all believe I never used to own anything pink in my wardrobe and I disliked pink hardcore? I know, strange, right? I have just never been one to like pink. I own a few items now but my dislike for wearing pink is not so much a thing anymore. 😊 

Today’s post does not come with ‘new’ things in my closet to share, besides the handbag. All the other items in today’s post consist of items that are year(s) old. Re-creating a look from items I already own is something I am working on these days. ‘Less is more’ You can create more looks than you think with items you already own or forgot you own.

Classic stripes, which I wear at least once a week, black velvet crop pants and a pop of color coat make for an easy workwear look.  Classic, simple looks are my favorite.


Have a great weekend.


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