I’m Back!…..And Still Loving Chambray

I'm Back!…..And Still Loving Chambray

I'm Back!…..And Still Loving Chambray

I'm Back!…..And Still Loving Chambray

I'm Back!…..And Still Loving Chambray

I'm Back!…..And Still Loving Chambray

I'm Back!…..And Still Loving Chambray

I'm Back!…..And Still Loving Chambray

I’m back! That is back at it in more ways than one.  Boy have I missed blogging and hearing from many of you here on my little space on the web!  Lets just say I have been a bit busy during the month of April.  So many things to share with you, my readers.

Today marks weeks, yes that was plurl, since my last post and it is offically May 1st! Tomorrow is a special day, it is MY BIRTHDAY!!  It is my 28th birthday to be exact.  I am not ashamed nor will I hold back my age if asked, I get better with age. 🙂  At least I think so.  Okay, okay enough about my birthday celebration which starts today and will last all weekend if you wanted to know.

As for the month of April that seemed to come and go in the blink of an eye, I miss you.  Great things are happening and I am pretty excited about them.  It has been one heck of a week to get out of bed for work, but no worries it is Fri-YAY!  No worries I took photos that I will be sharing here on the blog and some videos with our GoPro camera.  So I will move onto my exciting news that I shared before my mini blog-cation.. In case you missed it, I will be opening a women’s online boutique in late May called 7th and Park.  What else is there to look forward to in the month of May, um the pools open! Hello!  Okay, okay what are you guys up to this month? Anything exciting or interesting for your month of May?

As for my style, I will not lie I have been struggling lately.  Like anyone else, I have my off days where getting totally ready is just not going to happen.  Generally seasonal changes take some getting used to for me. However, this black maxi and chambray together will never get old. It is comfortable and classic for anyone to pull off. Throw on some accessories and you are out the door! How do you wear your chambray?

Happy weekend!



3 thoughts on “I’m Back!…..And Still Loving Chambray

  1. Awww thanks Asa! It’s sad to leave paradise but back to reality! Thanks so much for the positive thoughts on the shop. I am very excited and will also be reaching out to you about collaboration in the future. Happy late birthday! I hope you enjoyed your special day. 😁


  2. Welcome back Jessica! I took a hiatus from blogging myself. Hope your 28th birthday is great! Embrace these years, girl! My 30th was the best year so far 😊 As for my chambray…..I wear it with black leggings and my leapoard print scarf, or with a coral tank and gray stripe maxi skirt. Its a good basic shirt/cover up.


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