Positively Polka dots

Positively Polkadots

Positively Polkadots

Positively Polkadots

Positively Polkadots

Positively Polkadots

Positively Polkadots

Positively Polkadots

Positively Polkadots

Positively Polkadots

Outfit Details

Skirt: Banana Republic  ||  Shirt: Old Navy  ||  Sweater: The Loft  || Handbag: London Fog via TJMaxx  ||  Sunglasses: TJMaxx  ||  Necklace: NY&Company  ||  Shoes: old

Does anyone else dress up a little more when it is nice out?  I do for sure! Not only was today a nice day to pull out this skirt from last season for these warmer temperatures, but I had good intensions of looking presentable for work. No a business suit was just a little to stuffy for me today. I don’t know about you guys, but when someone important will be making an appearance in the same building, I tend to make sure I look professional.  Not that I don’t look professional every other day at the office it is just a ‘thing’ I have always done.  I have never really discussed my full time job over here on the blog, but today at work the BIG boss was coming into the office.  Big boss as in the Commissioner of CBP (Customs Border Protection) was actually coming to our office for a brief moment.  By brief, I mean maybe 5 minutes tops to speak to all of us quickly and back to my desk I went.  Point being, I have always found it important to present yourself for the job and life you want to live. Of course I was not going to have tea and talk shop with the big boss, but I always want to carry myself in a professional manner and my attire is the key to doing that in a office setting.

For my professional office look today, I stuck with my favorite pattern, polka dots!  This skirt I absolutely love and adore each and every time I put it on.  This top, well it speaks for itself.  In keeping both pieces polka dots I decided to tone down the look with a solid cardigan over top.  Have I mentioned lately I love wearing nude heels because if you are vertically challenged like myself, it will elongate your legs instantly. On the flip side my legs are in desperate need of a tan. Eeekkkks!  As for accessories, I kept it very simple and clean, nothing to flashy.  And that is positively polka dots folks!

Everyone excited for the weekend?  It goes by way to fast but oh how I love those two days off work. 🙂 Anyone have fun plans?  I always love hearing about what you’re doing for the weekend!




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