Backpacks Are Back

Backpacks Are Bake

Backpacks Are Bake

Backpacks Are Bake

Backpacks Are Bake

Backpacks Are Bake

Backpacks Are Bake

Backpacks Are Bake

Backpacks Are Bake

Sweater: Forever21 ||  Jeans: Old Navy (here)  ||  Booties: TJMaxx  ||  Backpack: Target (in-store only)  ||  Necklace: New York & Company (?)

Yes, you read that correct, backpacks are back!  As you probably have seen in many stores, using a backpack instead of your handbag is becoming a new trend. I know. I know. You may not love it, but it is a hit for me. I picked up this fairly inexpensive backpack from Target recently for some traveling that is coming up soon.  It will work great for traveling or strolling in the city.  The upside is my “big kid” camera will be able to fit in the backpack and not weight down my shoulder like it does with a normal handbag.  I did look around for a while before taking this plunge to purchase this beauty. Who says beauty in fashion can’t be inexpensive? By the way, I passed it up the first time I saw it at Target and it was on my mind for weeks.  I went back to Target with my husband so of course I told him I had definitely slept on it for weeks and was ready to place it in my cart! Plus using a gift card I had was a bonus.

I must add, this sweater is so cozy and was perfect for our date night Saturday when temperatures were a bit warmer, no coat needed! And who can say no to the color?  I am a bit in love with all things olive colored. But not olives! Okay, enough about that before I get off on my many tangents. 🙂

Try out a backpack you love for those days you are traveling, hanging out at a theme park, or just strolling in the city. You can kept it cute while also keeping it functional. Yes, this backpack will be on my packing list for our vacation next month to the Caribbean.




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