Windowpane Workwear

Windowpane Workwear

Windowpane Workwear

Windowpane Workwear

Windowpane Workwear

Windowpane Workwear

Windowpane Workwear

(I do not have extensions, but this photo is showing my bad hair day. haha)

Windowpane Workwear

Sweater: JCrew Factory (on sale now)  |  Skirt: The Loft outlet  (on sale now/no website)  |   Shoes: NineWest  (old) (similar)  |  Handbag: Michael Kors (similar)  |   Necklace: Rue21 (very old)   

Hello beauties! I hope you are getting back into routine on this Tuesday wherever you are in the world.  It was a rough Monday for me that is for sure, but I survived. That also reminds me, I am very sorry about my mullet/bad extension hair do going on in a few of these photos.  I don’t even have a mullet hair cut or hair extensions, my hair was just not having a good day.  Okay, so my hair never has a good day, but today I giggled when seeing it in a side view for this post. I thought who cares, it is going up. Trying to keep it real! Oh, and pardon the ‘sitting’ wrinkles on my skirt. I have a desk job and the good ole’ sun does not give me much time to shoot my photos.

Well enough of that bad hair day and wrinkles, your next question might be windowpane?  Yes, that pattern on my sweater is called windowpane in the fashion world these days.  And would you know it looks exactly like an actual windowpane. Who would have thunk it?  It is common on sweaters, shirts, and pants. You may have recognized this pattern while out shopping.  I love black and white and this sweater was no exception this past weekend for 60% off. Yes, you just read that correct, 60% off! I almost picked it up a while back by held out for a major deal and I believe it was well worth the wait for the 60% off price tag. This skirt is another story in itself , but very quickly I scored it on sale for less that $20! BINGO! I was able to score great deals and stock up on some winter necessities for my wardrobe. Oooppps! Some retail therapy never hurt nobody.  🙂

What do you think of the windowpane pattern? Are you a fan? YAY? NAY?  (Don’t be afraid to comment below, I love hearing from you!)




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