DIY Sea Urchin Decor

DIY Sea Urchin

Happy Sunday! I love DIY’s and especially this one.  Not only do you get to be a little crafty, but it saves you money. It comes out cheaper than what you would pay for this home decor piece at a retail store. My total cost was between $5-$7 bucks. While shopping around, I found a look alike gold sea urchin piece of home decor for $20 and up. It is a painless crafty project that you can have done in no time.  You can also make a half option if you want to set it on a stack of books. You would just cut the sphere in half and follow all other steps below. For now, the directions below will go over how to make a larger sea urchin as seen in the photo above. I know, funny name for a home decor accessory.

DIY Sea Urchin

Supplies You Will Need: 

-Package of (24 count) dowel rods  (Hobby Lobby $1.50)

-Gold spray paint (small can is fine) (Hobby Lobby $3 on sale)

-White styrofoam sphere (I bought a bag of 6)  (Hobby Lobby $2)

-Something to poke your sticks threw and stand up for painting, I used floral foam that I had on hand.

-Hand saw or miter saw


-Glue (optional)

How-To Steps: 

1. Cut all your dowel rods in half with your saw. (If you want your sea urchin smaller than mine, cut them in thirds or fourths)

2. Set up the dowel rods on your holder to get ready to paint.

3. With your gold spray paint, put a few coats on all rods. Make sure to get all angles painted evenly. Do not worry about the part that is in the holder, it will go inside the ball and not be seen.  Also, spray paint the ball with your paint.

4. Take your screwdriver and puncture holes into the ball. Keep the puncture holes spaced the same, see the picture below. Mine are pretty spaced out because that is what I prefer.  You can put yours closer together, however, you will need more dowel rods.

OPTIONAL: You can glue loose rods so they will stay more in place. You can also give a last coat of paint to your entire sea urchin.

Enjoy! Great Job!

DIY Sea Urchin

DIY Sea Urchin

DIY Sea Urchin

DIY Sea Urchin

DIY Sea Urchin

DIY Sea Urchin Decor

Ta-Da! This will look great on your office shelf or bookcase.

Who will be trying this easy DIY project?



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