Just in time for SALES……..EBATES!

I don’t know about you guys, but I love discounts, coupons and cash. Yes, CASH. Today I wanted to share with you a great way to get all three of those things just by shopping online. No, it does not cost you anything, it is FREE. Keep reading to find out how simple it is to get cash back in your wallet just for shopping online.

This time of year I tend to do a bit more online shopping than usually.  I am sure many of you will be doing the same online shopping this time of year as well. With Black Friday next week and Cyber Monday soon following, I have a great way you can earn some extra cash. What better way to save money and get cash back into your bank account then by using Ebates! I have been using Ebates for quite sometime now and it is easy.  If you know absolutely nothing about how Ebates works, that is okay I will quickly bring you up to speed.  Just about any and all companies you can think of are on Ebates.com. Each store offers a % back on you total purchase as ‘cash back’. Yes, cash back into your wallet just for making a purchase you would have already made online. No brainer right?

Easy steps. Click here, sign up for free and start shopping. ALWAYS log into your Ebates account first and it will take you to the website you are wanting to shop with so you are credited for your cash back amount. (you cannot go to the stores website first and then enter Ebates information) After you have made your purchase, Ebates will then send you a check for all of the money you get back just for shopping! Awesome. I know.  So head on over and sign up, here. Remember every penny counts and it all adds up!

You get a FREE gift card right now just for signing up and making your first purchase! They also have coupon codes for your favorite online stores, so be sure to check out those for extra $$ off your purchase. Take a look at which stores are also offering  DOUBLE cash back at select times.


Happy Shopping!



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