Turtleneck Work Edition

Turtleneck Work Edition

I know what you are thinking by this title, turtleneck? Really? Many of your first thoughts might go back to those bad memories in second grade when your mother dressed you in a turtleneck with a large sweater over top consisting of a large bear. Okay, maybe that was my idea with my favorite bear sweater from second grade.

These days turtlenecks are thin and flowy. Mine is so comfortable. Here, I simply put my black turtleneck under a sleeveless black dress from my summer wardrobe to transition the dress into colder months. I paired the dress with a pair of tights, booties and a sweater over top. You just might see this turtleneck making an appearance all fall and winter as a layering pieces in my wardrobe. Do you have a turtleneck? What are some of your favorite ways to style it?Turtleneck Work Edition

Turtleneck Work Edition

This is a very appropriate outfit for any office environment. My full-time job allows for me to dress business casual and this was just what I was looking for on a chilly day. This combo can also work great for teachers. Something about this outfit made me feel teacher-ish today. Any teachers feel like this would work well for your work day attire? 

I also added some animal print but not over the top. You could instead add pops of color into shoes or jewelry. I was more of a neutral fan when it came to styling this outfit.
Turtleneck Work Edition

Turtleneck Work Edition

Turtleneck Work Edition*Photo Credit: Mr. B (hubs)

Outfit Details: 

Dress: Target (old) (similar)

Sweater: The Loft (similar)

Turtleneck: Old Navy (here)

Wedges: Nordstrom Rack (similar)

Leopard Belt: Target (here)

Necklace: E Bay (similar)



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