Black and White Work Edition

Black and White Work Edition

Good Morning fellow MBA readers! (MBA=My Brunette Adventure) For work, I love to pair a skirt with other basic pieces. I paired this black and white skirt with other basic black pieces. Recently, I have seen oversized sweaters paired with mini skirts trending. What do you guys think of the trend? I am ready to try it.

Today’s necklace was a bargain if I do say so myself. I purchased this necklace over the summer off Ebay. Once I received it, the necklace was missing one small jewel piece.  I immediately contacted the seller overseas and after showing her a picture she immediatly refunded half of my money back. This was much to my surprise as I had only paid $3.99 originally. Bargain? Yes!

Black and White Work Edition

My hair is looking really red lately and a hot mess here. With the winter also approching, I am going to be going a bit darker for the colder months. Maybe this change will be soon? Really soon? 🙂

Black and White Work Edition

*Photo Credit: Mr.B

Outfit Post: 

Top: Old Navy (similar)

Skirt: The Loft (old) (similar) (similar) (similar)

Leather Boots: Bass outlet (old) (similar) (similar)

Necklace: Ebay

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