Anniversary Getaway Trip











It is always nice to getaway from the everyday hustle and just relax. The world is a beautiful place with such amazing views and people. This weekend my husband and I took a small getaway to Gatlinburg, Tennessee to celebrate one year of marriage. We have both visited before many years ago as kids, but not together.






Leading up to our departure, I had no idea where we were going on our getaway. My husband was in charge of picking a destination and booking a hotel. He did an awesome job and even kept it a secret until we got in the car to leave for the trip. It was hard for me to pack so I brought basically my whole closet since I had no idea where we would be going.


We had just a few days but took the time to relax and enjoy some outdoors. Of course, we visited the Smokey Mountain National Park and downtown Gatlinburg. We did bring our Lilly pup with us and to say she loved it is an understatement. The trip included two of her favorite things, being outside and car rides.


We headed into the national park on Sunday. Drove our way through a part of the park stopping along the way to see the river and waterfalls. So beautiful.


Overall, it was such a relief to just getaway and spend time with J.  One night for dinner we ate at Dicks Last Resort Restaurant, thumbs down. We both had never been to the restaurant even though Indy has one, but we will not be urging to return.  On the other hand, I would strongly recommend The Old Mill Restaurant in Pigeon Forge. They had great home cooked meals and good service. It is located close to other shops to visit before or after dinner. Below we are standing next to the mill.


Such a fun trip. One more state to check off our list of states visited together. Until our next adventure!

Happy Friday,


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