Beauty On A Budget

Let me start by saying I am no beauty expert and far from it.  This post is simply to give an idea of how to stay within reason when shopping for make up or facial care. All of these items, I have purchased on my own and are my opinions for these products. Some of these products may work for you or not be what you prefer to wear.

Let me start with my story on ME + makeup. There are days I do not wear makeup and other days I wear some make up.  Ive never been one to put on tons of make up everyday,  its just not me. This is partially because I have sensitive skin and prefer not so many products weighting on my skin. I am all for being able to put on make up that looks natural. I prefer not spending tons on one product, but this is just not something overly important to myself.  If I do not use it daily, I am not spending crazy kind of money. I know, I know, we all have one or two products we might splurge on because they make your hair-face-skin feel like butter. Ha, you know what I am talking about, right? Any who, this post is purely to give you an idea of makeup and facial products you can find at reasonable prices.  All of these products I currently use and purchased from my local Target and other box stores. I believe you can get great facial products at a reasonable price. Shopping around, finding a sale or just clipping a few coupons can save you some bucks.

Facial Care

These are just a few of my ‘base’ products I use before/after makeup.

Walmart/Target both carry a cheaper version of the Clariosonic cleansing brush. Again, you may want to splurge for $100 on the Clarisonic, however, I got mine for $25 which works great.

The next product is not a must and only some will need it, but it helps with visible pores and making them less visible. No7 Pore Refining serum. A little goes a long way when applying to your pores, so do not over use. (Target, The Boots Company No7)

The smaller chrome bottle is the L’oreal “youth code corrector serum’.  Not everyone is in need of this type of product. I however have a dark spot on my cheek bone and some other small areas that I use this serum on. I use this serum before bed after cleansing and in the mornings before applying my makeup. This was a pricier product I purchased, but again it is up to your preference and budget. (Target, $25-$30)

The last base product, I buy in the travel sized products at Target. It is the Ponds ‘anti-wrinkle cream’. I believe it is sold in a larger size as well, but I do not use a large amount when applying to my skin.  I use it at night after cleansing, applying it to my face and neck area.  It helps firm skin and helps to reduce appearance of any fine lines. Again, this is not something everyone might use, but I love the way it makes my skin feel, like butter. ha! (Target, $3-$4)

facial products

These are my multiple foundation pieces. I do not wear all of these all the time. Some are for occasions and others I wear more often. A few products were recommended by some of my gals on Instagram!

On the far left, this is an awesome BB Cream by L’Oreal. Very inexpensive and a great product for someone looking for a BB Cream. I use this a lot for a quick look. It is so light and feels like you are not wearing anything. I LOVE this product and thanks girls for the recommendation.

Two liquid foundations. Revlon colorstay is one of my favorite all coverage foundations.  The other is Sonia Kashuk (Target) foundation.  Both of these are not heavy which is something I hate about foundations. (each from Target $10-$15 range)

The next product my Garnier ‘anti-dark-circle’ roller. I put this on everyday, whether I am wearing makeup or no makeup, this is always on.  I have always had the darker circles under my eyes, this is a must in my book. Not everyone needs this type of product.

The last two products are ‘special’ occasion use for me.  The fat tube is Maybelline foundation stick in a very dark color. I use this for contouring since it is a darker shade. The skinny beige and green tube is Physicians Formula concealer twins, green and light. One helps with redness and the other with blemishes. Again, neither of these are must haves, but they come in handy if you are trying to do either of the above with your makeup.

facial products

Make up ‘Utensils’. That is what I call brushes, curlers, sharpener or other items like these. A lash curler is a MUST in my book. Every girl should have one.  Pencil sharpener will be a must at some point if you use any pencils. All my brushes are not expensive and I buy them from TJMaxx or Target. I believe all brushes were $5 or less. Remember to take care of your brushes and wash them, it will help them last longer.  Google does wonders on which kind of brush to use when trying to do your make up. 🙂

facial products

These are most of my ‘eye’ products + blush.  I do not use all of these everyday.

Blush: The No7 Blush is from Target.  Thumbs up on this! ($4-$5)

Eyeliner: The Maybelline liner I use and apply with a thin angled brush. I also have a basic eyeliner pencil I use when needed.

Mascara: I am currently using the Maybelline ‘pumped up colossal’ mascara. I have really long eyelashes and usually try out different mascaras for volume.

Eyebrows: These two are ‘extras’ that I use every once in a while.  The Rimmel brow pencil to fill in/sculpt my brows. Sonia Kashuk’s tinted brow gel helps fill and even the color.  It just helps my brows look even and put together.

facial products

Lips! These are some of my lip colors. I am however missing my EOS strawberry shorbet, I used it daily as a lip balm.  I strongly recommend this product and it is inexpensive with many flavors to choose from.  (Target $3)

Above, I have a nude Napoleon Perdis (Target), light pink-Revlon ‘cupcake’, darker pink-L’Oreal ‘violet chiffon’ , and Rimmel deep red lipstick.  (Target, Range from $3-$18) You can always find coupons for lipsticks and lip colors, clip them for extra savings!

Beauty regimin is an area I had to ‘teach’ myself and play with different products to see what worked best for me personally.  This is something I encourage you to find what is important for you and what look you are going for personally. Then, just play with your look. It is the fun part!

What are some of your favorite products? I love hearing recommendations!!

Be Fabulous,


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