DIY Polka Dot Pumpkin

It is officially the first day of FALL! I am ecstatic, who is with me? Fall is by far my most favorite season.


DIY polka dot

What better way to start off the first day of the Fall season then with a Fall DIY! I made this glitter polka dot pumpkin for my Lilly girl. Lilly is our Havanese puppy and her full name is Lilly Polka Dot Bryant. Of course, this polkadot pumpkin suits her well for this Fall season. This is an easy DIY project anyone can tackle, I promise. I know, I know, I say that for all my DIY projects. Honestly, gather up your supplies and give it a shot. It is only 5 steps!

Here is what you will need:

-Mod Podge

-One faux pumpkin your color of choice (I got mine 50% off at Joanns for $5)

-glitter  (Hobby Lobby for $2/$3)

-skinny paint brush  (not fancy, can be from your child’s art box)

-one foam brush

-one can of clear spray (Home Depot $4 by the spray paint)

*I also added one of my handmade chalkboard signs, you can make this or just have the pumpkin.

DIY polka dot pumpkin

1. With your skinny paint brush and mod podge, create whatever size glue circles you desire. I alternated small and medium glue circles. Also, only do a few at a time so your glue does not dry. I did three glue circles and moved to step 2.

2. Sprinkle each circle with good amount of glitter. Slowly turn the pumpkin upside down to get rid of any loose glitter onto your work surface. You can clean up later.

3. Proceed with steps one and two until you have the amount of polka dots you desire on your pumpkin. Be sure to cover the entire pumpkin evenly.

4. Use your foam brush to brush off any loose glitter that is randomly on the pumpkin. Then use the foam brush to gather the excess glitter on your workstation for an easy clean up.

5. Take the polka dot pumpkin outside away from other objects to spray on a clear coat of your spray. It will help place the glitter and keep it from falling off.  Another alternative to the clear spray is test out hairspray on a small portion of the pumpkin. I have used hairspray on other projects and it works just as well to set the glitter into place. However, it might leave the pumpkin sticky.

DIY polka dot pumpkin

And your done! See I told you it was an easy DIY Fall project.

DIY polka dot

DIY polka dot pumpkin

Happy Fall Y’all,


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