DIY Gold Mirror



Our office is slowly getting a small make over. I have had the supplies for this project for a while. Just pushing myself to get it complete! I must say depending on the time of day and how the light hits the mirror it can look different shades of gold.  These photos were taken in the evening before the sun went down.  This was a super easy DIY for anyone to tackle and only cost about $10 for  supplies. I already had some things on hand.

You can chose a larger round mirror than I did and/or shorter gold wood pieces.  You can chose to paint the wood a different color than gold.  Make it your own style and add your own flare!


Supplies you will need:

*8-12 wood flat pieces  (I got mine at Home Depot for I believe .29 cents/per 36 inch piece. They look like a yard stick without the markings. You will cut these in two/threes depending on how long you would like your pieces and how full you want the wood pieces, more on that below)

*1 Can of Gold Spray Paint (shiny cap) any hardware/hobby store will carry this color ($3-6 depending on which store/brand)

*1 round mirror (mine is 8 inches from Hobby Lobby, take the Hobby Lobby app for your 40%! I paid $2)

*tape measure



*Saw  (hand, circular or miter saw will do the trick)


*Gorilla Glue

*1 pop tab  (yes, why not use something you already have!)

*1 nail to hang your beauty when your done


Once you have all your supplies, you are ready to get started.  The first few steps I do not have photos of so bare with me. You will want to measure the length you would like your wood pieces.  Mine are between 12-14 inches. Remember a portion will be behind the mirror.  If you are not sure just play with the sticks by laying them under the mirror on the ground first.  Using your saw, cut at the desired length you prefer.  Once all your sticks are cut, go outside or in a ventilated area to spray paint the pieces.



Here are all my sticks painted, dried and placed how I will glue them overlapping each other. I originally started with a glue gun to glue the wood together in the above picture.  I later had to follow with Gorilla Glue in order for them to stay put.  Glue gun = No    Gorilla Glue= Yes

While my sticks were drying, I cut out the two cardboard circles. Make sure to paint a few good coats on the stick to the desired gold color you prefer.  I had some random cardboard that was going to the trash but made use of it. You do want thick cardboard and not very thin cardboard.  I traced the mirror with a pencil onto the cardboard.  Then cut out both those cardboard circles as seen below.





Before you start the next step make sure your gold stick pieces are arranged how you want them to look and slightly adhered to each other. You will then Gorilla Glue one of your cardboard pieces to the BACK of your gold mirror and the other to the BACK of your wood pieces that are already in the desired positions. (Pictured above, i did not paint the back of my sticks) Adding some weight to both of these will help it stick much better in the long run.  I took books and magazines and let them dry for a few hours while I did something else around the house.  Come back to the project and you will then put Gorilla Glue on the back of the cardboard that is already adhere to your mirror. Adhere it to the FRONT of your gold wood pieces with the mirror facing outward.  Again, put some weight on top of the mirror to let it stick really well. From here I just added a small amount of Gorilla Glue to the back cardboard piece and adhere the pop can tab.  It will dry and is how you will hang up the beauty you created.



Place your nail on the wall and hang by the pop can tab on the back of your mirror.  Your gold mirror is now complete! Hang it anywhere in your house. Great job and I hope you enjoy your new DIY project!

Dont mind my bare wall. Like I said earlier, its a work in progress.  I already know what I am doing above the desk just have to put it on the TO-DO list. Haha. *it does not look super gold in this picture, just how the lighting was at the moment.






Hope you enjoy!


Happy DIY,


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