Caribbean here we come! Oh wait, we already went. Darn!

Let me start by saying I am so excited to share our honeymoon with you and hope all of you can one day travel to these beautiful places.  It only took me 9 months. Yes, I said it.  Nine months to document our trip.  I will share some pictures of the highlights from our 9 days. Seven of which were spent on a Carnival cruise to the Caribbean. We left from San Juan, Puerto Rico and sailed off to some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my twenty-seven years. Okay, so they are the most beautiful places as of yet. FYI, some of these pictures I am sharing are with my small point and shoot camera while others are with my favorite fancy camera. Of course, fancy camera pictures look real life. So sorry if some of the picture quality is poor. The small camera was easier to carry around in some areas then others.


This is a front view of our Carnival cruise ship “Valor” Welcome Aboard!

Puerto Rico was an experience. I have heard mostly good things from everyone. We on the other hand must have had a bad experience. We flew into San Juan at night which must not be the busy time for arrivals.  haha. When I say us, I mean the whole plane of passengers was lost on how to get to the baggage claim. The sign pointed us to a locked gate. ???? We were stuck. While my husband searched for an employee there were NONE, yes none anywhere leaving us clueless for about 10 minutes. Don’t worry, I think we found the only night shift employee and he directed us to the baggage claim.  Then, the taxi driver just kind of grabbed our luggage and started throwing it as we had not quite decided to use her taxi service. But, I am an adventurer and was just going with it.  My husband was being realistic and maybe started freaking out that she was going to kidnap us or something. pssshhhhh but I did not tell you that. 🙂  Lets just say they don’t believe in using car turn signals in Puerto Rico. You can see by looking at the outsides of the cars and experiencing the highway.  They drive like they are on the Autobahn!  Also, have you ever been to a Denny’s that has a full bar, yes bar with rap music playing in the whole Denny’s? We have! 🙂

Saturday before we boarded the ship we decided to wonder Old San Juan.  We ate at a nice restaurant for lunch, explored the shops and the beautiful history of the city.  We made our way to the ship for the 4 pm boarding time.  This cruise was my second cruise and my husbands FIRST cruise.  I was excited but nervous he would hate cruising.  You either like it or dislike it point blank. He ended up loving it and cannot wait for the next one. Score!


This is a view of the Fort in San Juan from our ship.

We really wanted to go visit the fort, however, this was during the government shut down and it was closed. Hey, I can relate. Shut down around honeymoon time was a stress-fest for me too!


First stop, waking up to the oh so beautiful St. Thomas.  We did not have our ducks in a row for this day.  I just remember the awesome clear ocean, driving on the opposite side of the road and jewelry stores EVERYWHERE. haha.  If you ever visit St. Thomas I do NOT recommend just winging it like we did and ending up in the million shops that sell jewelry. Yes, a million and I am not kidding. We wanted to rent scooters and explore the island ourselves, however, every place did not  have an actual employee at the location. Most posted signs telling you to call here and there. Blah. Blah.  Finally, we said forget it.  St. Thomas has gorgeous beaches that I would recommend anyone to spend your time at if you stop in St. Thomas.



After St. Thomas we were at sea for a day.  I love a day at sea, it gives you the opportunity to really explore all the activities your ship has to offer. Do some exploring on the many places around your ship. Most activities on the ship are FREE and included in your cruise cost! Score!  It also gives you some well deserved relaxing time with the sunshine. One piece of advice every person should always know, NEVER walk on the cruise ship decks with no shoes.  I mean it.  You will burn your feet quickly. I spent the day on the sun deck soaking up the sun and sipping a few drinks.  Be careful, you pay for these yummy fruity things. I watched the other cruisers taking part in some very fun contest like “hairiest man”? I know, right? Another activity, ice carving. He had 15 minutes to carve an ice sculpture. Yes he was a cruise employee.  Lets just say being in the middle of the ocean in the Caribbean made this ice block start melting before your eyes.


We also were seating each night at dinner with our new friends from D.C. they too were on the cruise for their honeymoon. We hung out with Sarah and Chris most nights going to comedy clubs, getting drinks, and many of the shows the cruise offered.

Poor quality photo and dark, but its the surprise my husband got me on the ship.  The cruise made me a cake per my husbands request. “Happy Honeymoon, Love Your Hubby”  he sure is a keeper.


We arrived the following morning in a very beautiful place. Barbados!


Again, we decided to wing it and get off the boat to find tons of vans lined up to take us tourists around the lovely island.  After a few minutes of waiting on our van to fill up, we were off to explore. Our driver was so nice and full of interesting information about the island. I love learning about new places and different cultures. We also met a newlywed couple from Ohio on our van tour. Did you know that Barbados pays 17 or 18% tax on EVERYTHING they buy. Yes, everything.  A bottle of soda, a loaf of bread or a pair of shoes.  I still cannot get over this fact.  We also saw a few famous celebrities compounds, feed bananas to the monkeys and saw a 360 degree beautiful view of the island. Yes the monkeys run around free.


This water and sand truly felt like PARADISE!!



Sorry this is a bit dark, the clouds did a number and I was trying to catch him grabbing the banana from her hand.


On top of a hill/mountain/highest point looking out to the ocean.


There was a little shop at the top of this point to buy drinks and snacks.  This little guy was just eating lunch!


Hubby and I in one of the most beautiful views my eyes have ever seen. Breath taking view.



St. Lucia up next! We decided to do a zip line excursion through the cruise line.  This bus was a story of its own. Lets just say it needs something with a bit more tug to haul a bus full of people up LARGE steep hills. Steep hills meaning 45 degrees! At one point our driver was pedal to the floor and we were standing still on a hill. um??? No worries, we finally made it up the many large hills to experience our first ever zip-lining experience. FYI, my husband is afraid of heights. Don’t worry I convinced him it was going to be really really fun. ha, Im such a great wife to help over come fears.


Ready to go Zip lining for the first time.  I have wanted to go for YEARS. What better way than in a tropical place, right?






This is my husband with our awesome tour guide.  He was so much fun and goofing with us the whole time. Point and shoot has a mind of its own with the lighting.


Our favorite stop was up next. B-e-a-utiful St. Kitts and Nevis.  It was more secluded and not so touristy. It did help we went with our newlywed friends from D.C.  to a beach she had been told about by a friend who had been on the same cruise. We jumped in a truck with a few benches in the back and saw some beautiful sights the whole way.


Is that not the best view??



This was at the beach. #Selfie



Our Ride for the day!


This was Christian, our driver for the day. He was AWESOME and super nice. Right after the picture he had to make his personal daily liquor run. Such a sweet man.

Last destination, St. Maarten! Also a favorite of mine. Beautiful and we spend the day out on the beach.

Our newlywed friends from D.C. took this photo!


Our last selfie of our honeymoon. And…..the last time we were in the ocean. Hopefully this will change soon.


We made it back to Puerto Rico and stayed for one day before flying home. We explored a large part of the island by renting a car and just driving.  Crazy drivers!  We flew out the next day and the airport had more people, however, the plumbing was broke! Don’t ask, but I was sure glad to board that plane and use the plane potty. I hope you enjoyed reading about our adventure. We made many memories in a few new places of this beautiful world.  Our travels of the world will continue. Until next time.

With love,


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